Trailer Rental Services

Trailers are basic pieces of equipment, even those with some hydraulic functions. They have fewer moving parts than do powered pieces of equipment and generally have a long working life. This means many used trailers are available on dealer lots and at auction houses. A trailer on the sales block can be thoroughly inspected before a local auction day and maintenance records often are available for trailers sold on internet auctions. An auction can be a good place to buy a trailer if you know beforehand the features you require in a trailer and take time to evaluate its condition.

The strength of a trailer is in its frame. Light-weight trailers for moving small tools often are built of angle iron or channel iron. While these are strong components, they do not match the strength of box tubing and I-beams, which resist distortion — and heavy loads require maximum rigidity. Some trailers are constructed of aluminum for lightness and rust-resistance, but if strength is a paramount concern, steel is the better choice. Knowing the load capacity of tires, axles and suspension system (if any) is important. Don’t get a trailer that is handsome but too weakly built to do the job.

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