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Leveraging Interoperability to Achieve Superior Performance

Heavy equipment manufacturers are developing high-performance machinery with new sensor technology and alternative materials. Along with the need to extend the product lifecycle, manufacturers face many challenges: global competition, multi-site manufacturing, compressed development cycles, total cost-of-ownership reductions, fuel economy, and regulatory emissions standards. These challenges require an integrated set of design, simulation and manufacturing tools that are managed in a unified and integrated environment.

From agriculture to construction, mining and material handling, heavy equipment is undergoing a shift in sophistication. This includes enhanced integration with the manufacturing operating environment. 

Changing design requirements, from more powerful powertrains to complex load cases and operating conditions, challenge single-discipline simulation and analysis tools. Software-driven product features, functions and operating systems are becoming more complex, requiring integration with IoT sensors and increased emphasis on software validation and revision management. The integration extends to the manufacturing floor and supply chain, driving the need for increased, closed-loop quality with a focus on operating costs and waste reduction.

Sophistication and interoperability among design, simulation, manufacturing, and service operations, without compromising speed or data integrity, are critical to industry success. Advanced design solutions expand part conceptualization beyond conventional 3D approaches. This allows designers to take advantage of generative design and additive manufacturing methods to create innovative and material-efficient components. Improved analysis capabilities provide electro, hydraulic and mechanical simulation that seamlessly extends to 3D load cases. 

A single-source data management system is essential to managing the different forms and data created, while keeping focus on engineering, manufacturing and product life BOM. Our solutions for the heavy equipment industry help you excel in challenging and dynamic environments and deliver innovative products while decreasing total cost of ownership.

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