Bolero Car Rental Services

Giving a powerful performance of 63 PS @ 3200rpm with the engine of displacement 2523cc and a maximum torque of 19.7 kgm @ 1400-2200 RPM , it is a very stable yet powerful car which gives a good performance as an add-on. One can boost up the speed with every gear shift as it comes with 5 speed manual gear transmission. Giving a top speed of 117 kmph, it goes 0-100 kmph in just 30.3 seconds. To keep the driver and passengers safe, disc brakes are installed at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Side stepper is now more easily accessible to step on to step inside the car. To keep a person cooler in hot weather this car is equipped with a top quality air conditioner. Now it is easier to keep your cups and drinks inside the car safely and firm as this car is equipped with cup holders in the front cabin. For the better comfort of the rear passengers, rear seat center arm rest is given. One can easily turn the car on the sharp hilly curves and ride safely through rough roads with the power steering equipped with this car. One can choose with the variety of 6 different colors for the exterior according to ones personality namely the colors are Diamond White, Mist Silver, Rocky Beige, Java Brown, Toreador Red and Fiery Black.

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